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729/Friendship - 799 Mystery I
729/Friendship - 799 Mystery I
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RM 27.50

Rubber colour Sponge Hardness Sponge Thickness Status
Black 38 1.8 mm In Stock
Red 38 1.8 mm In Stock
Black + Red 38 1.8 mm In Stock

Superlative craftmanship makes you defeat others by a surprise attack:

To make the strength invisible and beat opponents unnoticeable, which is the subtlety of taiji. There is a magical power for the soft to overcome the firm, that the ball driving line is cunning and while makes it impossible for opponents to defend effectively.

799 sponge rubber is a kind of half-long rubber with characteristics of high elasticity, fast speed and good spinning. The combination of the latest energy-saving jointing technology and high-elasticity sponge makes its performance outstanding in speed, spining and controlling.


化力量于无影, 破对手于无形,以柔克刚的太极神功,注定具有一种魔幻的力量,出球线路鬼魅而刁钻,‘飘忽不定’的鬼斧神工招式使对手防不胜防。


Type Medium Pips
Playing Style Chop / Quick Attack
Thickness 1.8mm
Speed 10
Spin 7
Hardness 38°
Control 9
Country of Origin Made in China.

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