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DHS - Skyline 2 Neo + Skyline 3.60
DHS - Skyline 2 Neo + Skyline 3.60
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Package Include:

1 x DHS Skyline 2 Neo Rubber

1 x DHS Skyline 3.60 Rubber

Selling Price | RM 115.00
RM 115.00

Skyline 2 Neo + 3.60 Status
Skyline 2 Neo Blk Mid + 3.60 Red Soft Sold Out
Skyline 2 Neo Blk Mid + 3.60 Red Mid Sold Out
Skyline 2 Neo Red Mid + 3.60 Blk Soft In Stock
Skyline 2 Neo Red Mid + 3.60 Blk Mid In Stock

DHS Skyline 2 Neo: 

A unique production process means Neo SkyLine 2 has gained the outstanding characteristics of a speed glued rubber with a high friction coefficient and strong catapult effect. The special Neo sponge loads the ball with additional energy. With Neo SkyLine 2 you can play an aggressive loop game with powerful spin without losing control in your playing variations.

DHS Skyline 3.60:

Classic Skyline 3, equipped with a soft and elastic 60# sponge, brings a unique senso of depth with ball contact.

Skyline 3-60 is designed with a unique sponge-rubber combination. It absorbs and responds rapidly on ball control, providing for excellent elasticity and speed. Such dynamic properties make Skyline 3-60 ideal for continuous and high strength loop attacks. Minimal effort is needed. The soft elastic 60# sponge and pliable rubber is perfect for making fast attacks and subtle technical changes with the wrist, to deceive the opponent.

Skyline 3-60 generates strong and changeable spin. Supported by soft elastic sponge, the sticky rubber optimises such spin potential. Players using Skyline 3-60 will not be limited to once certain type of loop but have the option of making varied loop techniques. Skyline 3-60 is the optimal combination of classic sticky rubber and elastic sponge.

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