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Dawei - 388D-2
Dawei - 388D-2
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RM 45.00

Rubber colour Sponge Thickness Status
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Dawei 388D-2 is a one-time molding long pimple, which has got latest certification by ITTF.

It is strong and durable and could be applied in the regular international competition.

  • Formular: High-tech formular. unique and novel
  • Technique: Adopting material preaction process; optimizing comnposite endpoints to complete the curing process from low molecular weight to polymer
  • Structure: High and large particles; golden ratio; the particles defotm strongly at the moment of touching ball
  • Distinguishing Features:
  1. Using the opponent's spin to play your own, Counter attack
  2. Stopping the ball with rapid underspin, Hard to return.
  3. Putting a short close-to-table, Unpredictable
  4. Attacking driving really sinking, Powerful
  5. Chopping producing strong underspin.
*** Packaging will ship out by random.
大维 388D-2 是最新通过国际乒联 ITTF 认证的一款一次成型的中颗粒长胶,结实耐打,可参加正规的国际比赛。
  • 配方:高科技的技术配方,独特,新颖。
  • 工艺:采用材料预反应工艺,优化组合端点自行完成从低分子转化为高分子的固化过程。
  • 结构:颗粒高,大,黄金比例,触球瞬间,胶粒产生强烈的形变。
  • 特点:
  1. 借转打转,逆袭
  2. 挡球急下旋,飘忽不定
  3. 近台摆短。出其不意
  4. 攻球下沉,威力强
  5. 削球产生强烈下旋
*** 胶皮包装将随机寄出
Brand & ID Stamp 388D-2
Type Long Pips
Thickness OX / 0.5mm
Country of Origin Made in China.

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