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Donic - Ovtcharov No.1 Senso (Pre-Owned)
Donic - Ovtcharov No.1 Senso (Pre-Owned)
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Donic Ovtcharov No.1 Senso (FL)

  • Lacquered
  • 95% new

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This is Superstar Dima Ovtcharov’s favourite. He really does play with this blade. Two layers of Premium Acryl-Carbon surround the inner ply. This blade is distinguished by enormous acceleration, yet has great feel and relatively soft touch.

The Senso-Grip-Technology ensures a light weight and transfers the contact point to the top of the blade. This enables Dima to produce the necessary power for his unique topspin strokes.

The very precise manufacture using first class materials  - especially the Premium Carbon plies -  produce an excellent result. The Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso, like the player himself, is in a class of its own.

Model Ovtcharov No.1 Senso
Handle Type FL
Blade 5+2 Acryl Premium Carbon
Weight ± 85g
Speed 9+
Control 8+
Lacquering Not required.

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