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Sauer Troger - Hellfire
Sauer Troger - Hellfire
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We are presenting the ultimate new weapon. This long pimple is called HELLFIRE. Since the ban of frictionless long pimples there has never been any long pimple rubber which was slow AND very dangerous. Other long pips rubbers are very fast and dangerous or slow and not dangerous. This new rubber is slow and very dangerous the same time what is absolutely new. Through the low speed it is easy to return hard topspin smashes. You will be the one who controls the spin and the game. The version with sponge are for classic defensive players, who act far away from the table. You can use our experiences in producing long pimples to play this revolutionary rubber! TRY IT!

Video 1: Sauer Troger - Hellfire

Video 2: Sauer Trogen - Hellfire (Blocking)

Type Pimples out rubbers
Speed 40
Spin 80
Control 95

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