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Spinlord - Strahlkraft
Spinlord - Strahlkraft
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Selling Price | RM 89.00
RM 89.00

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Our long pimple-out rubber SpinLord Strahlkraft is quite different from other rubbers.
A new Polymer has been added to the rubber compound which makes the rubber slower, more tacky, more elastic and even more dangerous.
Also the shape of the pimples is new. The pimples have a very large slope at the bottom, but otherwise are straight. The pimple tops are flat and slightly sticky.
Strahlkraft is our suggestion for advanced players who prefer a modern very versatile style of defending. This rubber can be played most effective close to the table, but you can do so much more with it then just blocking and chopping. Strahlkraft is not easy to control, but  it can create much more different kinds of rotation then other rubbers.
Strahlkraft will not only totally confuse your opponent, but also enables a spectacular new style of playing. The future of table-tennis begins now!

Type Pimples out rubber
Speed 3.5
Deception 10
Control 4.5

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