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der materialspezialist - Double-Sided Adhesive Foil (MSP-DK4)
der materialspezialist - Double-Sided Adhesive Foil (MSP-DK4)
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Selling Price | RM 10.00
RM 10.00

With the MSP-DK4 adhesive foil, we present an adhesive foil developed and produced in Germany, which can be easily removed again.
This slightly thinner adhesive foil facilitates the mounting of table tennis rubbers.
Very recommendable when sticking OX pimples and our smooth ANTI-TOPrubbers.
Of course also applicable for all other table tennis rubbers (sponge versions).
Made in Germany.

Please note that our DK-4 adhesive foil has different adhesive force.
The side with the orange colored foil cover must be mounted on the blade.

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