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Butterfly - Lin Gaoyuan ALC
Butterfly - Lin Gaoyuan ALC
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Selling Price | RM 760.00
RM 760.00

Handle Type Status
Shakehand FL In Stock

Created with and Supported Lin Gaoyuan

Style: Attack 

Reaction: 11.8 

Vibration: 10.3

  • Great for attacking close to mid distance from the table
  • The blade has high resilience, and a perfect balance of speed and control. The quality this blade has will make it a favorite amongst attackers. 

Arylate-Carbon is a special material created with a woven combination of Arylate and carbon. Blades using Arylate-Carbon have power, speed and control.

Model Lin GaoYuan ALC
Handle Type FL
Type OFF
Blade 5 + 2ALC
Blade Size 157 x 150 mm
Grip Size
  • FL : 101 x 24 mm
  • ST : 100 x 22 mm
Blade Thickness ± 5.7mm
Weight ± 87g
Speed Mid-Fast
Feeling Soft
Lacquering Recommended.
Country of Origin Made in Japan.

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