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DHS - W968 Ma Long Setup (Limited Edition)
DHS - W968 Ma Long Setup (Limited Edition)
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Selling Price | RM 2,500.00
RM 2500.00

Handle Type Ma Long Set Status
Shakehand FL H3 Neo Nat (Blue Sponge) + H3 Neo Nat (Org Sponge) [Global Edition] Sold Out, Preorder
Sold out, Accept pre-order.

红双喜 马龙 明星款 限量款配置


除了奥运及世乒赛比赛用球,中国乒乓球队使用的器材也将悉数亮相,包括当下炙手可热,伴随马龙完成超级大满贯的传奇底板狂飙龙5 (968) 及 N301 底板。

截至今年6月份,中国乒乓球男女队超过40%的选手都使用狂飙龙5,N301 等各型号红双喜底板。

国乒队长,超级大满贯得主马龙便是红双喜全配置:狂飙龙5底板,正手蓝海绵狂飙3 (42度) + 反手橙海绵狂飙3 (37度)

Blade DHS W968
  • FH : DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge 2.1mm, H42° (Global Edition)
  • BH : DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National Orange Sponge 2.1mm, H37° (Global Edition)
Handle Shakehand FL
  • Limited edition.
  • Recommended to add on Lacquering service during checkout process.

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